Osborne’s The King; When Will He Claim His Shot?

Dave Osborne proudly snapped a shot of his new hardware following the King of Cable tournament (Photo by Kevin Edwards).

He guaranteed victory and he delivered.  Big Dave Osborne is the winner of the 2012 St. Louis King of Cable Cup tournament.

As the sun set on this outdoor event, the air dipped down to 50°F and the ring was slippery with dew.  At one point, a turnbuckle snapped from the post, prompting concern from fans that the ring was becoming unsafe.  The tournament continued through the dangerous chill.

The completed bracket for Rock ‘N’ Wrestling on September 22nd.

After chomping down Lumberjack Abe and shutting down hometown favorite Brian James, Osborne met Ricky Cruz in the final.  Ricky and Dave showcased their merits in an equal, exciting bout.  That is, until the goons showed up.

The Travis Cook Organization, Dave Vaughn and Ken Kasa, rushed the ring to attack Cruz after Senior Official Jim Harris was knocked loopy.  Harris recovered to see Cruz dumping Kasa into a porta potty.

While it was hilarious, Cruz was counted out of the ring.  Spectators were outraged that the most anticipated tournament of the year had ended on a count-out.  Perhaps one man summed it up best as he exited the Knights of Columbus lot:

This is bullsh*t!

This Saturday, come see Osborne and others at the historic South Broadway Athletic Club.  You never know when Big Dave will redeem his KOC victory for a shot at the heavyweight title.

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