A State of Flux – Feel It Tonight

Dave Vaughn brings The Big Texan down to the canvas (Photo: Mike VanHoogstraat).

UPDATE (11/11/12): Big Dave Osborne has retracted his intent to retire.  Below is the story as it originally appeared.

The South Broadway Athletic Club should be an exciting atmosphere tonight, as Wild World of Wrestling Executive Producer Tim Miller has promised the return of some “familiar faces and former champions.”  These unnamed men will be welcomed to an ever-changing SBAC.  Here’s the scoop.

Big Dave Osborne, the Battle Royal Champion, said on Facebook that he will retire following a final match November 10th.  Logic suggests he will redeem his MO/IL Heavyweight Title shot that he earned after winning the King of Cable tournament.

Last month, former MMWA-SICW Commissioner Keith Smith got into a scuffle (a punch was thrown) with the SBAC’s Tim Miller after a card at the South Broadway Athletic Club.  This led to a near-complete personnel split that may be evident at upcoming events.

Announcer Ben Simon spoke to SICW promoter Herb Simmons and Tim Miller on a recent edition of his show, RingSyders (listen to the 10/21 replay in the right sidebar at PartyAnimalRadio.com).  Hear both sides of the story now.

There are no public ultimatums for wrestlers to “take sides.”  However, some have:

Ricky Cruz, the Classic Wrestling Champion, will only compete in SICW.  Of course, he will retain his East Carondelet-controlled title.  This is why the “Fans’ Choice” Cruz match never happened.

Rumor has it that “Ironman” Ken Kasa has chosen exclusivity to the Travis Cook Organization in Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling.  “Wrestling Machine” Dave Vaughn appears to still be willing to wrestle at Broadway.

It appears we have truly seen the last of the 27 year-old MMWA-SICW coalition.  There’s only one way to find out who’s coming back to SBAC tonight; be there.

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