For Osborne, Espinosa: Strike While The Iron is Hot!

By Ben Simon

Jackson passes out
Keith Smith Jr. checks on an unconscious Gary Jackson. Jackson is mum on any specific damage he suffered in his legs.

Gary Jackson had better walk carefully, in more ways than one.  The South Broadway heavyweight champ did not have a good weekend.  At a SICW card on February 9th, the champ challenged for Ricky Cruz’s Classic Wrestling Championship, seeking to become the first undisputed MO/IL Heavyweight Champion in over two years.

Gary got trapped in an Indian deathlock late in the match.  Jackson would not submit.  To inspire the crowd’s faith, he chose to recite his “rules” while in the hold.  After a minute on his belly, it was apparent that Jackson would not escape.

Rule Number One: I came out to win!…

-Gary Jackson

There was no “Two.”  Gary Jackson lay unconscious on his face.  He had passed out from the pain.  Jackson was helped out of the ring after the match.  He was unable to put significant weight on his legs.  As of writing Wednesday night, Gary confirmed he will be able to wrestle this weekend.

Enter Big Dave Osborne and Brandon Espinosa.  Osborne still retains his King of Cable trophy to cash in a title shot.  The junior heavyweight champ, Espy is gunning for “Gorgeous” Jackson, too.

The South Broadway Athletic Club hosts wrestling this Saturday, the 16th.  Regardless of his opponent, will Gary Jackson make it out in one piece?

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