Big Dave Osborne Strikes Gold!

By Ben Simon

Osborne holds belt
Big Dave Osborne in the South Broadway Athletic Club locker room after his win on Feb. 16th.

In his second title shot ever, Big Dave Osborne defeated “Gorgeous” Gary Jackson on February 16th to win the MMWA Heavyweight Championship.

The end came at the ten-minute mark when Osborne countered the Texas cloverleaf and rolled up Jackson.  After a 100% clean, fair-and-square pinfall victory, Dave Osborne is the champ in the most historic promotion in the region.

Osborne was sharply focused on the big match with Jackson, which was his redemption of the King of Cable Cup he won in September.  There was no yelling before or during the match by Big Dave.  It was just a wrestling match where the better man prevailed.

Gary Jackson went into the match with a leg injury sustained the week prior.  Gary limped but he insisted that his injury played no part in the outcome of the match.  His loss ended a nine-month title reign.

Osborne recently held the Battle Royal Championship, which is how he got his moniker: Mr. Over-the-Top.  He lost that title due to misinformation; he didn’t think it was on the line when it was.

Osborne debuted on January 15th, 2011 with a loss to Webmaster Stevie K.  Since then, he has cut a drastic amount of weight and improved his maneuvers through a strict training regimen.  Now, we have a dangerous man on our hands.

The South Broadway titles also got a new name after the card ended.  The MMWA Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight Championships will be known as such; the “MO/IL” state affiliation has been dropped.

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