Blunt: A Tough One to Smoke for Jimmy D

By Ben Simon

Phil E. Blunt
Phil E. Blunt’s ultimate goal is to regain the MMWA Title he last held several years ago. Photo: Mike VanHoogstraat

Jimmy D will defend his TV Championship this Saturday at the South Broadway Athletic Club against the returning Phil E. Blunt.

“Extreme Chaos” Jimmy D won the vacant TV Title last month against A.J. Williams.  Williams’ adversary, Brandon Espinosa, attacked A.J. and allowed Jimmy D to pick up the pinfall.

Usually a fan favorite, the manner of Jimmy D’s victory has lost him fans.  The former Bodily Harm member has expressed no regret for Espinosa’s involvement.  A win is a win.

“Wrestling’s Dope Man,” Blunt last competed 16 months ago in a match where (oddly) he teamed with Jimmy D against the Lumberjacks.  Despite the long layoff, Phil E. gets this shot as a gesture to his past merits.

Blunt was going to wrestle last month at Broadway, but the Missouri Office of Athletics said he didn’t complete the correct forms.  After speaking with the former champ yesterday, I can assure you, Blunt will be bringing his papers.

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  1. Papers… Mr Simon I don’t bring papers I need some papers..oh wait where talking about the same kind of papers rite.

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