James & Jackson Meet Espinosa & Mephisto Jan. 11

Jackson Crabs Espinosa
Gary Jackson applies the Boston crab on rival Brandon Espinosa in November. The pair meets in a tag match on January 11. Photo: Maurice Ramsey

By Ben Simon

Gary Jackson slapped the fourth turnbuckle in succession.  Lynn Mephisto had been defeated.  The chain match in December at the South Broadway Athletic Club was bloody and brutal.  However, it was the scene after the battle that may have been more significant.

Mephisto and Brandon Espinosa began a vengeful assault on Gary, tying him to the corner so “The Great One” was helpless to defend himself.  Thankfully, the brand-new MMWA Heavyweight Champion Brian James ran to the ring and saved Jackson.

It was only natural that outgoing Senior Official Jim Harris would make the match on his final night in the stripes: Brian James and Gary Jackson will tag against the savages Mephisto and Espinosa on January 11th.

It is not known to this writer how Harris had the authority to make the match, but SBAC President Tony Casta and incumbent Commissioner Tim Miller presumably liked it enough to go along with it.

Speaking of which, the new MMWA Commissioner will be revealed this Saturday at the SBAC.  Miller will stay on as the producer of TV’s Wild World of Wrestling.

Barackus, the huge athlete who demolished Dave Osborne recently (sneak attack, no match), will make his wrestling debut January 11.  The opponent hasn’t been confirmed, but I wouldn’t want to be him.

Also that night, Moondog Rover will try to take a bite out of “Morbid Messiah” Jackson Whitechapel.  The two have teamed before but Whitechapel doesn’t like the antics of Rover much.

Whitechapel is the protegé of commentator Sean Orleans, who saw potential in the struggling big man shortly after Whitechapel’s debut.  Orleans will be absent on Saturday due to a one-month suspension for an unspecified incident with management.  Can Jackson Whitechapel keep his head straight without Sean Orleans?

Tickets are $8 at the door, $4 for kids.

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  1. Correction needed! Barackus did not demolish me! No one demolishes me! He cost me the MMWA Heavyweight TItle!

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