New Sheriff in Town! Jim Harris is MMWA Commissioner

Jim Harris (right) poses with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan backstage in Illinois in 2013.

Hello MMWA fans,

I have to first say “Thank you” for coming out and supporting some of the greatest wrestling in the Midwest on January 11.  It was standing-room only and people were still pouring in and packing the beautiful South Broadway Athletic Club.

It was humbling to see such a huge crowd, cheering for their heroes, giving the business bad credit loans to those who wanted it, leaving with enthusiasm, and giving high fives to each other. That tells me we meet the needs of our fans and we made some changes that night that the fans appreciated and wanted to see.  It was great to see some of the old faces that I’ve been with for the last 27 years but it was also awesome to see a lot of new faces.

Many were intrigued by the matches and asked how they could become a wrestler for us.  That’s when you know you’re doing something right.  That magic has always been here and that’s what made me want to be a part of wrestling in the first place.

On my last night as the Senior Referee in December, I was approached by (incumbent Commissioner) Tim Miller and (MMWA Executive Director) Tony Casta and asked if I would consider becoming the Commissioner for the Mid Missouri Wrestling Alliance.

Tim explained he would step aside to concentrate on event production and work with the commentary team.  Tony wanted me to stick around and help him with match-making.  I was honored to be asked and was given time to think about it.  On January 11, you saw my answer.

I had the opportunity to be in the crowd with the fans.  I was able to text (ring announcer) Ben Simon what I needed done to stay anonymous.  I wanted to see reactions of what was going on in the ring.  From the fans’ response, it looked like we were firing on all cylinders and giving you what you wanted.

We plan to give you more of what you like and build our staff and manpower up.  We are going to get more talent into the locker room, keep the show family-friendly, and keep you smiling.

I need to thank Ben Simon for his work and reports here on, as well as his RingSyders show (on hiatus) with Drew Abbenhaus.   Brian Kelley’s MissouriWrestlingRevival is great and the insights of Patrick Brandmeyer are valuable.  Without these folks, you would not get all the information and inside stories on your favorite wrestlers and events in the Midwest.

Thank you to my referees, Nick Ridenour and Jay King.   I look forward to watching you grow just like one of my mentors did for me in Ed Smith.  Thank you to our SBAC President and boss Tony Casta for having faith in me to step in and help him out and to Tim Miller for allowing me the chance to step in as well.

Fans, I look forward to seeing you and presenting great cards.  Locker room, get ready to be shaken up and earn your rights for title matches.  There will be order in my ring!

Jimmy “Big Time” Harris Sr.
Commissioner MMWA

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