Barackus to All: Who’s Going to Try to Stop Me?

Barackus demonstrates his incredible hand strength by treating Da'Marius Jones' head like a stress ball.  Photo: Maurice Ramsey
Barackus squeezes Da’Marius Jones’ head like a stress ball, demonstrating his incredible hand strength. Photo: Maurice Ramsey

By Ben Simon

The five hundred in attendance sat and stood in concerned silence January 11 after Barackus made his South Broadway debut.  Really, it was quiet.  The 350-pound monster had just driven Da’Marius Jones’ head onto the canvas.  The move earned Barackus the victory by rare means: a knockout.

See Barackus’ vicious clawhold flatliner that knocked out Jones

The big man seemingly arrived in Saint Louis via Brandon Espinosa and Lynn Mephisto.  This trio is dangerous, but they must tread lightly or they’ll draw the ire of the new MMWA Commissioner, Jim Harris.

Barackus wasn’t done for the night.  Once again, he set his crosshairs on Dave Osborne in Osborne’s match against A.J. Williams.  After the distraction cost Big Dave the match, Barackus laid him out with the claw-flatliner combination.  Barackus has been suspended until March.

Barackus (left) tries to intimidate Big Dave Osborne with the threat of the claw hold.  Photo: Maurice Ramsey
Barackus (left) shows Osborne his “claw.” Photo: Maurice Ramsey

It seems inevitable that Barackus and Osborne will meet in a match.  When Osborne is aware of his opponent’s attacks, the former heavyweight champ is quite the force.  Would he be able to avoid the mighty grip strength of Barackus?  Could he slam the big man?  Fans everywhere should look forward to this eventual showdown.

The main event tag match was an out-of-control double count-out.  Following, the new Commissioner granted Brandon Espinosa a MMWA Heavyweight Title opportunity against Brian James on February 8.

Jimmy promised Mephisto a “big surprise” in February, perhaps a mystery opponent.  Mephisto isn’t exactly buddies with the Commissioner; Lenny infamously shoved (then referee) Harris out of the ring and was almost arrested in October 2011.

Jim Harris’ new position was the closest thing to an open secret to be found that night.  Earlier, the former Senior Official wanted to sit anonymously in the crowd and watch from the fans’ point-of-view.  Harris sent this announcer text messages throughout the night to set up stipulations and enforce rulings.

A big ruling was in the tag bout pitting Ace Hawkins & J-Mal Swagg against Andrew Wilder & Flaming Freddie Fury.  The victors would decide the stipulation in the MMWA Junior Heavyweight Title bout on February 8.  Ace’s team won, and he decided that when he meets Wilder for the strap, it will be a no disqualification match.

Wilder insisted that Hawkins put up his MissouriWrestlingRevival “Sexiest Male Wrestler Award” as an additional prize.  Hawkins agreed.

Webmaster Stevie K retained the Battle Royal Championship (a rarity for this title) in a six-man affair.  For his win, Stevie earned a TV Title shot against Jimmy D.  Jimmy walked out of the subsequent match, which gave Stevie a count-out win, but no double championship reign.

Jackson Whitechapel was unfocused in his bout against Moondog Rover.  Rover won after delivering a spinebuster.  Whitechapel’s manager, Sean Orleans, served a suspension and was out for the night.  Orleans will return on February 8 and must direct his protegé’s energy in a positive direction.

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