A Night of Managers: Cornette, Big Daddy, Cook

The Giant Assassin and his manager, Big Daddy made a splash in the local wrestling scene in the 80's and 90's.
The Giant Assassin and his manager, Big Daddy made a splash in the local wrestling scene in the 80’s and 90’s.

By Ben Simon

On May 23, 1959, the first episode of Wrestling at the Chase aired on KPLR.  Fifty-five years later, Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling will celebrate that anniversary in a major way.

Ken Kasa defends the Classic Wrestling Championship in the main event rematch against Gary Jackson.  These two met last month and Gary appeared to have had Kasa trapped in the Texas cloverleaf for the win.

However, Kasa’s manager, Travis Cook blatantly interfered to cost his man the match, but save the title.  It’s cheap, but chalk that up as a successful defense.

Travis will have difficulty interfering this time; during the match, Cook is to be handcuffed to Big Daddy, a local legend and a successful manager from the old MMWA-SICW era.

Oh yeah, the Giant Assassin will be in East Carondelet too.  The nine-time MMWA Heavyweight Champion (spanning 1986-1993) doesn’t come around wrestling often.  It will be a treat to see him.

This nostalgic recipe for the evening would taste perfect with a Gary Jackson title win.  “Night Train” has made it clear that he believes he can win the strap.

In the co-feature, Ron Powers will throw down with Ricky Cruz in a no disqualification Loser Leaves Town match.  The winner is looking at a title shot around the corner; the loser must leave SICW for at least the remainder of 2014.

Also on the card: Jake Dirden & Heath Hatton vs. Bull Bronson & Frankie Wyatt, Shorty Biggs vs. Flash Flanagan, Big Jim Hoffarth vs. Waco, and a battle royal.

Famed manager of the 80’s and 90’s, Jim Cornette will be on hand for the event.  Travis Cook has made a video series to voice his displeasure at the special appearances.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was slated to appear.  However, Heenan suffered a broken shoulder recently and instead will appear in East Carondelet on June 21.

For advance tickets, call (618) 286-4848.


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