Cruz and ‘Kast to Rumble in Hardcore Chaos!

Dynamo Pro 6/28/14

By Ben Simon

The 7th Anniversary Event for Dynamo Pro Wrestling was supposed to be a time of celebration.  Instead, it may be one of the most violent spectacles the area has seen.

Ricky Cruz puts his Dynamo Pro Championship on the line against Outtkast on June 28 in Glen Carbon, Ill.  The match is billed as “Hardcore Chaos” and, like the last title match, will allow no disqualifications.

Outtkast expressed heavy interest in the stipulation, despite what happened to Jake Dirden on June 14 in a similar No Disqualification war with champ Cruz.  If you haven’t seen it, take a moment.

With Dirden handcuffed to a turnbuckle, Cruz purposefully knocks out both referees, attacks Dirden with the belt, and threatens to cut the St. Louisan’s hair.

Executive Director Mark Bland intervenes and lands some punches on Cruz before Bland himself is leveled with a kendo stick.  The match has no means to finish; it is called a No Contest.

Ricky Cruz comments on his actions on June 14 (explicit language)

It was Outtkast and Shorty Biggs that chased off the man who now calls himself “The King of Chaos,” Ricky Cruz.  Outtkast gets an opportunity to stop Cruz and win the title in Cruz’s third defense.

However, by sanctioning the same stipulation with a maniac like Ricky Cruz, is Executive Director Mark Bland overlooking the safety of his referees and other personnel?  Bland must exercise caution to not get too involved, physically or mentally.

Bell at 8.  For ticket information, visit

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