From My Perspective: Dynamo Pro’s 7th Anniversary Event

By Patrick Brandmeyer

Now, as promised, a special comment about the Dynamo Pro Wrestling event at the Sports Academy in Glen Carbon, Illinois on June 28.

Pretty good turnout for the anniversary card…it sucks that this particular venue is hurt by soccer season forcing a layoff of several months in the wintertime. The lineup was hurt a bit by the absence of several key players, particularly Jake Dirden. The tag champs were also absent as Michael Magnuson and David DeLorean were at the WLW event in Troy, Missouri. Very little was announced for Dynamo besides the main event, but they posted a few matches last week. Jeremy Wyatt was posted as facing Steven Kennedy, but Kennedy wasn’t there so Brandon Aarons took his place. Rocket Mapache was scheduled to team with Dash Rando, but Mapache was absent so he was replaced.

Your ring announcers were Luke Roberts & Chris Roedel, your timekeeper was Ben Simon, and your referees were Patrick Hook, Keith Smith Jr., Michael Crase, and Jay King (Wow, four refs…that might be a recent record.).

Billy McNeil vs. “The Alternative” Brandon Gallagher: Dug the slightly altered look for Gallagher with the torn jeans (over his usual tights) and plaid shirt. Wonder how the fans with unicorn masks felt about Billy coming out in a gorilla mask for a change…heh. Gallagher wrestled in Mexico for the first time recently as he traveled there with The Hooligans, Alexandre Rudolph, and Jake Parnell. Had a hard time describing Billy’s finisher…it looked like he was going for an up-and-over flying headscissors from behind, but it turned into a top-rope double-kneedrive to the back instead of the front (like that Matt Sydal guy does). At any rate, it got the win in 10:19.

Executive Director Mark Bland hyped the card, mostly the main event…he brought out Crystal Yount as a member of Dynamo management and she acknowledged some of the people who have been a part of the promotion since the beginning.

Jackal vs. “The Fittest Wrestler On Earth” Mark Sterling: Jackal is one of those Dynamo originals; I haven’t seen him wrestle too often outside of Dynamo and (before that) GCW. Sterling got the win with an Air Raid Crash in 7:04.

Mike Outlaw vs. “Showtime” Bradley Charles: Outlaw made his pro debut at SICW last weekend against Dirden; he’s a Dynamo trainee and this was his first outing for his home promotion. This was a bit more competitive than last week’s bout; he has looked solid so far. SBC finished with a TKO cutter in 7:15.

Dash Rando & Cavana Fantastic vs. The Professionals (Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby) (w/ Travis Cook): Rando claimed that Rocket Mapache had rabies so he couldn’t wrestle…that brought out Fantastic (also known as C.J. McManus) to volunteer his services. The match was long for something that would seem to be a one-sided affair on paper. On top of that, Fantastic dropped off the apron when Rando went for a late tag…that left the masked man to be double-teamed. Appropriately, it was a pair of Mafia Kicks that put Rando down for McDarby to pin in 11:25(!). Cavana cemented his status by laying out Rando with a post-match superkick.

“The Yoga Master” Mike Sydal vs. “Ironman” Ken Kasa (w/ Travis Cook): Interesting matchup here; was looking forward to it and I hope they get to face each other again. Almost missed the end as Travis got into a tug-of-war with Sydal over the yoga mat; Ricky Cruz ran out to throw the spiked face mask into the ring. Kasa hit Sydal with it for the cheap win in 8:44.

“The King Of Chaos” Ricky Cruz vs. Outtkast, “Hardcore Chaos” Match for the Dynamo Pro Title: Dynamo released YouTube clips of backstage encounters between these two to promote the match.  Ricky didn’t take any chances on whether the blood would flow as Cruz took a cheese grater to Outtkast’s forehead…eep. Bland tried to intervene when Cruz brought out the handcuffs again, leading to Outtkast accidentally knocking Bland off the apron and Cruz beating Bland down with a kendo stick. In the confusion, Jeremy Wyatt ran in to DDT Outtkast on a stop sign. That wasn’t quite it as they brought out the thumbtacks…then it finally took an Air Raid Crash off the apron and through the timekeeper’s table to end it. Cruz got the pin on the floor in 16:13…I wondered if the card was over at that point, but they hadn’t done an intermission yet and it took place after this match. I didn’t know what else was left (other than maybe Wyatt vs. whoever)…odd booking structure in that regard.

Brandon Aarons vs. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt: Aarons had a competitive showing… Wyatt targeted the leg (as has been his tradition lately) and won with the Stretch Muffler in 9:54…Wyatt continued his bad-mouthing of ringside fans and that brought out Crystal (speaking for the company with Bland injured). She announced an impromptu six-man tag for the main event…

Outtkast, Billy McNeil, & “The Yoga Master” Mike Sydal vs. Dynamo Pro Champion “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz, “Ironman” Ken Kasa, & “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt (w/ Travis Cook): Wyatt accidentally BELTed Cruz and Outtkast got a pin on the champion in 15:32. Don’t know if that means Outtkast will get another title shot in the near future, but at least it evened the score from earlier in the night.

Hard to believe we’re halfway through 2014 already…the scene is pretty busy, but there are a few gaps in the month of July. There are no indy events next weekend due to the 4th of July holiday…the following Saturday, Dynamo has the “Stroke Ain’t No Joke” benefit in Glen Carbon and MMWA has their annual “Christmas In July” event with the big best-of-seven series. I may check out the WLW event at the Troy, Mo. fairgrounds on Thursday the 10th.

Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

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