For the MO Belt: Ricky Cruz vs. Kevin Lee Davidson in St. Louis, Nov. 28

20151128 Dynamo Pro

Dynamo Pro Wrestling comes to The Ready Room in The Grove, St. Louis this Saturday, November 28.  The main event should be astounding, given the two men involved.

Ricky Cruz is set to meet Kevin Lee Davidson one-on-one.  Davidson is the best “big man” in Saint Louis.  “KLD” is the MMWA and WIA interim champ to boot.

This is Cruz’s third defense of the MWR Missouri Title.  That belt will be the only one on the line in the match.

Read the title announcement and rules

Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CRicky Cruz vs. Kevin Lee Davidson

#10Mike Outlaw vs. Brandon Espinosa

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $10.  This is a bar, so prices may be higher for minors.

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