KLD Can’t Run or Get DQ’d in a Strap Match, Dec. 5

MMWA 12/5/15

This Saturday at the South Broadway Athletic Club, one of MMWA Wrestling’s most anticipated main events of the year will take place: a strap match for the MMWA belt.

This is Gary Jackson’s third consecutive shot at Kevin Lee Davidson’s title, though it is certainly deserved.  Two months ago, KLD simply walked out of the match for a countout.  Last month, KLD got disqualified by whipping Gary with a leather belt.

That whipping gave Jackson the idea of the strap match, where the “Champion’s Advantage” is nonexistent.

MMWA Heavyweight Championship | Strap match
Kevin Lee Davidson (c) vs. #2Gary Jackson

MMWA Tag Team Championship
Brandon Espinosa & Ace Hawkins (c) vs. LaMarcus Clinton & Damion Cortess

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

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