2017 is Here! Happy New Year from SaintLouisWrestling.com

Casa Loma Ballroom
NWL STL debuts at the Casa Loma Ballroom on Jan. 12, 2017.

After early December, the local pro wrestling scene gets quiet for a month.  The first big event in the metro area in 2017 is NWL STL’s debut on Thursday, January 12.

The Casa Loma Ballroom debut is set to be an undisputed success.  The big question to this writer is: Will the fans show up for the second event and beyond?  Aficionados look at wrestling at Off Broadway and Pop’s Night Club; two venues that had excellent debut attendance but then petered out.

However, the NWL Corp has a legitimate marketing team behind them.  They aim for not just for wrestling fans, but the general public that is not mat-savvy.  If it works out in the next few years, Saint Louis could have a bonafide wrestling territory again.

Whether it’s professional wrestling, wrasslin’, or any other name, that’s exciting.

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