National Wrasslin’ League Debuts at Casa Loma, Jan. 12

NWL Jack Foster

The long-awaited NWL STL Inaugural Event slams its way into the Casa Loma Ballroom in Benton Park West on Thursday, January 12.

The main event is a six-man tag team match, pitting Saint Louis’s Letterman, Wellston, & Adonis against their Kansas City (NWL KC) rivals Dak Draper & The Royal Blood.

The six-man is a rematch (with Blaine Meeks in Draper’s place) from NWL KC’s offering on Jan. 7.  Kansas City won, but in controversial fashion; the Royal twins both pinned Letterman for the three count.

Main Event
Todd Letterman, Dez Wellston, & Christian Adonis (formerly Kevin Lee Davidson, Mike Outlaw, & Elvis Aliaga) vs. Jet Royal, Jax Royal, & Dak Draper

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.50

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