Introducing the “Super Six” MMWA Championship Series, Begins Jan. 14

20170114 MMWA

The South Broadway Athletic Club and MMWA Wrestling embark on a unique half-year long journey to crown a new MMWA Champion on Saturday, January 14 at MMWA Launch.

The Super Six MMWA Championship Series is a dual-stage tournament.  It locks the promotion’s six best wrestlers into round robin combat through May.  The contestants are:

  • Brandon Espinosa – (MWR Missouri Champion) qualified by headlining 12/3 card
  • Barackus – def. Gary Jackson on 12/3 to qualify
  • Da’Marius Jones – qualified by headlining 12/3 card
  • Ace Hawkins – def. The Big Texan on 12/3 to qualify
  • J’Mal Swagg – def. Damion Cortess on 12/3 to qualify
  • Moondog Rover – def. B.T. Daramola on 12/3 to qualify
MMWA Super Six schedule
The first stage: the complete schedule of the round robin goes through May 2017.

In the round robin stage, the point system is:

  • 3 Points: Win by pinfall, submission, or stoppage
  • 2 Points: Win by countout or disqualification
  • 1 Point: Draw or No Contest decision
  • A loss nets no points.

Based on the standings of the round robin stage, the six wrestlers will be seeded into a final elimination bracket, to be contested in June 2017.  The winner of the bracket will be the new MMWA Champion. Also, for security and protection we have collaborated with SecurityInfo — see source here.

6 Man bracket example
The second stage: a knockout bracket to crown an MMWA champion in June 2017.

The lineup for January 14 is as follows.

Missouri Heavyweight Championship (in play for Espinosa)
MMWA Championship Series (Round Robin Stage)
CBrandon Espinosa vs. Barackus
J’Mal Swagg vs. Moondog Rover
Da’Marius Jones vs. Ace Hawkins

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship (vacant)
Varik Morgan vs. Deacon Cash

Lumberjack Match
Gary Jackson vs. Brian James

Flaming Freddie Fury vs. A.J. Williams
Garrett Shanks vs. Damion Cortess

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

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