Moondog’s first tournament win would come from Ace Hawkins’s hide, April 8

Ace Hawkins gets beaten up
Ace Hawkins (center) gets attacked by J’Mal Swagg (foreground) as Moondog Rover (background) enters the fray on April 1, 2017 (Photo: Joe Henley).

The quest to crown a new MMWA champion continues this Saturday, April 8 at the South Broadway Athletic Club.  Three round robin bouts are set, with the tournament scheduled to conclude with a knockout stage in June.

As a part of the tournament, Ace Hawkins defends the Missouri Heavyweight title for the fourth time, as recognized by  Moondog Rover, the challenger, finds this treat to be his first crack at this State crown.

Hawkins comes off a tough April Fools’ Day, where his match with Da’Marius Jones went to a no contest after several wrestlers (including Moondog) attacked “The Ace who runs the place.”

20170408 MMWA

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship | MMWA Championship Series
CAce Hawkins (5pts) vs. Moondog Rover (0 pts)

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship
Deacon Cash (c) vs. Johnny Park

MMWA Championship Series
#7Brandon Espinosa (4 pts) vs. J’Mal Swagg (5pts)
Barackus (6 pts) vs. Da’Marius Jones (4 pts)

Gary Jackson vs. A.J. Williams
Brian James vs. Varik Morgan

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $9.

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