Baisden to Letterman’s team: Wrestle Maverick & Blood Bros. May 21, or you’re fired!

NWL STL 5/7/17

On May 21 at the Casa Loma Ballroom, “The Raging Bull” Maverick is joined by his friends Mathew Grundy and Davey Gibson (The Blood Brothers) as they take on Todd Letterman, Cornell Douglass, and Castle.

Maverick had his rematch against Letterman for the NWL St. Louis championship last month, but it was ruined by Douglass and Castle.  The North Carolinians ran into the ring and attacked Maverick to draw a disqualification.

NWL President Major Baisden informed Letterman, Douglass, and Castle that if they did not participate in the six-man tag team match, they would be terminated from the company.

Main Event
Todd Letterman, Cornell Douglass, & Castle vs. Maverick, Davey Gibson, & Mathew Grundy

I-70 Series | KC leads STL 11-6
Ken Dharma vs. Jack Foster

August Marshall vs. Xavier Church

Bell at 6.  Tickets are $12.50 at the door.  Use code NWLSTLLVR here for a big discount.

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