Ace Hawkins and Moondog Rover FINALLY determine who is MMWA Champion, July 8

Moondog Rover chokes Ace Hawkins
Moondog Rover grabs Ace Hawkins by the throat at the South Broadway Athletic Club on April 8, 2017. Photo: Joe Henley

Gather ’round kids and listen about a time when the South Broadway Athletic Club had its own champion.  It has been a while, hasn’t it?  November, to be exact.

That changes this Saturday, July 8 when the MMWA Championship will be awarded to the winner of the tournament final between Ace Hawkins and Moondog Rover.

Also on the card, the Missouri Wrestling Revival State championship is on the line as Brandon Espinosa defends his crown for the third time against MMWA Cruiserweight champion Deacon Cash.  Although unlikely, Cash’s title will also be on the line if Espinosa weighs in at the cruiserweight limit.

20170708 MMWA

Read the title announcement and rules

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship | MMWA Cruiserweight Championship (if Espinosa makes 205 lbs.)
CBrandon Espinosa vs. Deacon Cash (c)

MMWA Championship | Championship Series Final
#10Ace Hawkins vs. Moondog Rover

Gary Jackson vs. The Big Texan
Johnny Park vs. Damion Cortess
Da’Marius Jones vs. B.T. Daramola
J’Mal Swagg vs. Jimmy D

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $9.

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