DPW: Mike Outlaw is back, and he wants Makaze’s title, March 31

Dynamo Pro 3/31/18

The last time Mike Outlaw wore a championship belt in the Gateway City was November 2016, when he lost his Dynamo Pro laurels to Brandon Aarons.  Now Outlaw wants the belt back, and he’ll get his chance on Saturday, March 31 at Concordia Turners in Saint Louis.

The champion’s name is different now; “The Wind of Destruction” Makaze will be opposite Outlaw at the Dynamo Pro Wrestling event, making his fourth consecutive defense.

Also on the card, the final three participants in the six-way D-1 Championship ladder match will be determined.  The final shebang happens April 21.

Here’s the card for March 31:

Dynamo Pro Championship
Makaze (c) vs. Mike Outlaw

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship
Viktor von Stein & Xavier Shadows (c) vs. Brandon Aarons & Adrian Surge

D-1 Title Qualifiers
Graham Bell vs. Jayden Dominic Rose
Outtkast vs. The Snitch
Jon Webb vs. Edvin Kudic

Ace Hawkins vs. Savanna Stone
Tootie Lynn Ramsey vs. Rahne Victoria

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $15.


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