SICW: Ricky Cruz returns to the ring to avenge Keith Smith Jr., April 7

SICW 4/7/18

Ricky Cruz returns to the ring after a 16 month retirement on Saturday, April 7 at St. James Catholic School in Millstadt, Ill.

Two weeks ago, Cruz threw in the towel to resign Keith Smith Jr.’s (his brother-in-law) match against Chris Hargas.  The disrespect shown by Hargas and Travis Cook enraged Ricky, to the point he challenged “King Christopher” Hargas to a fight.

“It doesn’t even have to be a match; I just want you in the ring!”

The bout is made.  Cruz is not expected to make a full-time return to wrestling after the match.

Main Event
Chris Hargas vs. Ricky Cruz

Ken Kasa & Dave Vaughn vs. The Big Texan & Kowalski
Sean Vincent vs. Bobby D

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.

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