Thank you, wrestling fans!

Ryan Ash wrestles Gary Jackson at the South Broadway Athletic Club, March 14, 2020. Photo: Ben Simon

Amid current circumstances, it appears that as we approach each upcoming event, the promoter will need to cancel. It isn’t sustainable to hold events with a strict attendance cap.

The best estimates say this will last two months. The worst estimates say this will last 18 months. Unfortunately, the latter is prevailing.

This is the end for some of the companies here. When wrestling returns, the landscape will be different.

I don’t believe in “Coming Soon.” The word of the day is “Canceled.”

This site will stay up for years of inactivity. If wrestling returns, updates will return. The events calendar will continue to be updated. Title listings will be updated if championships are vacated or awarded.

I’ve enjoyed running this site for ten years, and it was a pleasure ring announcing the final wrestling event in Saint Louis, (a potentially ill-advised) return to the South Broadway Athletic Club for MMWA on March 14.

We had a lot of fun, didn’t we?

-Ben Simon

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