Travis Bowden: 1971-2020

Travis Scott Bowden has died at the age of 48. A Memphis native, Bowden was also vital to an impactful (yet brief) part of Saint Louis wrestling history: the National Wrasslin’ League.

The NWL’s VP of Marketing, Bowden fanned the flames on social media to ignite the rivalry between NWL KC and our own NWL STL.

Bowden also came up with the idea of the “Fight Club,” a season pass to boost attendance at NWL events here and in Kansas City.

If you only ever got a chance to chat with Travis at the Casa Loma Ballroom on that first Thursday card, you would know his passion for wrestling.

However, Travis lived in Los Angeles with his family, and the constant travel to Missouri was rough. Shortly after the NWL began running live events, Bowden was released from his contract.

Travis Bowden (left) announces the NWL STL signing of Mike Outlaw in 2016.

Travis Bowden brought his Memphis roots and style to the NWL dance. He was anything but a corporate “suit.”

Known as Scott Bowden, Travis was a hated manager in the United States Wrestling Association (also known as “Memphis”) from 1991-96.

Bowden has always been a custodian of Memphis wrestling history. He ran a web site and hosted the “Kentucky Fried Rasslin'” podcast.

We will miss you, Travis. Thank you.

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