“King of Cable” Bracket Released

By Sean Orleans

This Saturday marks the third annual King of Cable Tournament, the first to be held at the historic South Broadway Athletic Club in Soulard.

Eight men will compete in one-on-one matches under single elimination rules to determine the fittest, best wrestler in the St. Louis area.  The winner will receive a guaranteed title shot against the MMWA Champion at any time of the challenger’s choosing.  The previous two winners of the tournament–Brandon Espinosa and Dave Osborne–went on to win the title when “cashing in” their opportunity, so the stakes are incredibly high.

Let’s look at the bracket, shall we?

king of cable 2013

No seeds here; every man’s name went into a hat and was drawn at random.  Any of these men would make a fine King of Cable.  The Television Champion A.J. Williams will meet Battle Royal Champion Lynn Mephisto in the opening round, Jr. Heavyweight Champion Andrew Wilder faces Ace Hawkins, Da’Marius Jones squares off against the 2012 King of Cable ‘Big’ Dave Osborne, and two longtime rivals butt heads yet again as Brian James battles Jimmy D.

Also on the card: MMWA Champion Brandon Espinosa will defend his title against Gary Jackson and the Lumberjacks will be in tag team action.

Wrestling History Lesson w/ Sean Orleans

I was at the South Broadway Athletic Club’s training facility yesterday and engaged in a brief chat with some of the guys while they were working out and honing their craft, when I heard one man there say one of the most egregiously awful things I’ve heard in years.

I was discussing Japanese wrestlers and touting the combined flash and effect their maneuvers had on opponents.  I cited the Great Muta’s elbow drop as one example, only to have hot shot rookie Da’Marius Jones pipe up with, “Who’s that?”

Confused, I responded, “Great Muta.  Face paint.  The mist.  Greatest practitioner of the shining wizard.  Japanese legend.  Muta?”

“Nope.  Never heard of him.”

After they revived me at ringside, I sought out to find videos demonstrating just why the Great Muta is arguably the best wrestler to emerge from Japan.  And that is a very short list: Muta, Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, Jushin Liger, KENTA, and that’s about it.  I’m not an old fart, people.  Far from it.  And it’s not like Da’Marius Jones is all that young.  I could maybe forgive him if he was, say, eight or nine years old.  That’d just be a case of poor parenting.  But to make it this far in life and to be a professional wrestler and have no clue who the Great Muta is…I mean…uh…GAAAAAH!

I’m calm.  I promise.

Look, here are some videos to enjoy:

1. The Great Muta’s debut in the NWA/WCW (by the way, Gary Hart belongs on any Mt. Rushmore of greatest managers)

2. In 1992, Muta had a bout with longtime nemesis Hiroshi Hase for New Japan that would become legendary in tape trading circles and give birth to the term the “Muta Scale,” which measures the amount of blood a man loses in a match.

3. Here’s Muta in October 1996 wrestling the seemingly immortal Jushin Liger (dude moves like he doesn’t age):

4. Muta channels his inner Jack Sparrow with his entrance attire in this match, which took place in August 2007:

5. And lastly, here’s a match from January 2012, in which Muta wrestles in a 6-man tag bout:

So to those of you who don’t know about the Great Muta (and I’m looking in your direction, Da’Marius) I have only one thing to say:  GET. YOUR. HEAD. RIGHT.

Battle Royal this Saturday Night!

By Sean Orleans


The ‘Best in the Midwest’ are at it again this Saturday night at the South Broadway Athletic Club.

Battle Royal Champion Raphael King puts the title on the line in an over the-top-rope free-for-all!  After Big Dave Osborne’s interference cost Raphael King a shot at the MMWA Heavyweight Title last month, the two formed an uneasy alliance later that night in a losing effort against Brandon Espinosa and Ace Hawkins.  Following the match, King and Osborne brawled outside the ring, much to the fan’s delight!  You better believe those two still have a major beef…

The devilish Lynn Mephisto is still looking to take down ‘Gorgeous’ Gary Jackson any way he can.  Mr. Jackson has kept his wits about him and avoided Mephisto’s shenanigans thus far.  Sooner or later, these two WILL come to blows in a singles match…

Who will step up to challenge MMWA Champion Brandon Espinosa?  A few guys have called Tony Casta and Tim Miller to lobby for a shot at the belt.  Will the decision makers be swayed by a few honeyed words?  And if so, by whom?

Also in action: Moondog Rover, Phil E. Blunt, the high-flyer Ace Hawkins, and the menacing Jackson Whitechapel!  And Saturday marks the MMWA debut of Da’Marius Jones!  Folks, you’re going to want to get in on the ground floor with this guy before the stock goes public.

Doors open at 7 P.M., so get here early to make sure you grab a seat as close to the action as you can handle!

As always: Card is subject to change.

Q & A: MMWA rookie Da’Marius Jones!

By Sean Orleans

Folks, wrestling returns to the South Broadway Athletic Club this Saturday night, August 10!  Your MMWA Heavyweight Champion, Brandon Espinosa, will be in action, as well as Ace Hawkins, Big Dave Osborne, Lynn Mephisto and Gary Jackson, among others.

Saturday’s card will be significant as it will mark the MMWA debut of newcomer Da’Marius Jones!  He’s bringing his enthusiasm and zest for competition to the ring at South Broadway to tussle with the “Best in the Midwest!”  In anticipation of his debut, I reached out to young Da’Marius for an interview and we’ve got a brief transcription of it below.

Da'Marius Jones
Da’Marius Jones

Q: Let’s start this off nice and easy.  Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?

A: Chris Jericho is my favorite; best on the mic and best in the ring.

Q: Favorite match growing up?

A: My favorite match growing up was the ‘I Quit’ Match between Rock and Mankind at the 1999 Royal Rumble.

Q: What about The Rock-Mankind I QUIT MATCH appealed to you?  What made it #1 for Da’Marius?

A: The sheer brutality that both men endured for the championship.  Gotta respect that.

Q: Where have you been training and for how long?

A: Been training since April and I was going to Florida to train before I got in contact with MMWA and South Broadway.

Q: You once told me about how you survived a car accident and showed me pics of your smashed up ride.  Tell the readers about that.


A: One month into training (May) I was involved in a bad car crash. On a rainy night I was headed to work in my Trans Am. I spun out of control and hit a wall on the highway.  I managed to get my car off the road and I attempted to make it back to the side of the car as a semi-truck sped by.  It hit my car and knocked it into me.  I went flying off the highway and landed in the grass and was taken away to the hospital.  Still came in to train a few days later, though…

Q: You got a finisher?

A: It’s a leaping inverted facebuster I call ‘The Upriser.’

Q: What’s your immediate goal?  Where do you want to be in 12 months?

A: In 12 months, I will be MMWA Heavyweight Champion and hopefully won’t have any broken bones to show for it.

Q: Where can people find you on Twitter?

A: You can find me on Twitter @realdamarius.