How High Can LMC Fly?

Clinton shows his style at a recent Ohio Valley card.

The ring lights never asked to be destroyed.  Neither did the ceiling tile at a small venue in Illinois.  LaMarcus Clinton can’t be contained.  When he leaps off that top rope, the promoter had better double-check that the ceiling is high enough.

LMC has recently set his sights on the MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Title, currently held by the unsuspecting Max Archer.  Last month, the two met in a thriller that ended with Archer slamming LMC with a heavy Michinoku Driver.

When Clinton debuted in January 2011, his family was there, cheering the unknown competitor.  That support grew and something funny happened.  In one year, LaMarcus Clinton established what many veterans can’t in many years: a strong fan base.

Clinton isn’t done with Archer.  The mission toward the Junior Heavyweight crown continues tonight.

You can see LMC tonight at South Broadway.  The action starts at 8.

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