Labor Day is Over – On with Wrestling!

By Patrick Brandmeyer

Now, as promised, a special comment about upcoming independent wrestling events in Greater St. Louis (Okay, I rarely promise anything related to these commentaries, but the format is a homage to Keith Olbermann so I feel obliged to start with that).

The schedule will get very crowded in the next few months, meaning local fans will have to make choices between the area groups. There are three events scheduled for September 27th and three events scheduled for October 11th…geography will be a factor to some people, I would imagine.

In Dynamo Pro Wrestling…the Glen Carbon event scheduled for Friday, September 19th was canceled, so the only event currently set for September is this Saturday in Fenton. (Haven’t heard anything about Off Broadway events.) Conspicuous by their absences from the posted lineup are Heavyweight/Tag Team Champion Ricky Cruz and co-Tag Champ Brandon Espinosa…it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be there, but it still seems unusual. I imagine something is afoot in that regard, perhaps involving our esteemed Executive Director Mark Bland…we shall see.

The posted lineup features The Bite Club (Rocket Mapache & Jackal) facing the Black Hand Warriors for the next shot at the Tag Title as well as “Dirdey” Jake Dirden vs. “The Bosnian Warchild” Spi-Ral. “The Don Mega” Shorty Biggs faces the returning Evan “Money” Morris, Elvis Aliaga gets a rematch with Outtkast, and former WCW TV and Tag Champion Beautiful Bobby Eaton will make an appearance.

On September 13th, I’ll finally make it back to the beautiful and/or historic South Broadway Athletic Club for MMWA…I haven’t been there since March. In April, I finally discovered what it would take to keep me away from an indy event: Hospitalization due to acute bronchitis. Since then, there has always seemed to be another event on the nights of SBAC cards…big thanks to Timothy Miller for posting videos online, allowing me to keep up on the goings-on.

I’m a big fan of the one-night tournament format and this event will feature the annual King of St. Louis Cable Tournament. The winner gets Money-in-the-Bank-esque privileges and can challenge for any title at any time. The main event will notably feature the previous three tournament winners in a unique “two-fall” match: Heavyweight Champion Brandon Espinosa, Survivor Champion “Big” Dave Osborne, and “Da Bomb” Brian James. Both falls will work like your standard triple threat match, but the first fall will be for Osborne’s Survivor Title and the second will be for Espy’s Heavyweight Title. Also on the card, new Junior Heavyweight Champion “Risky Business” Everett Connors makes his first title defense against wrestler/manager/commentator/co-commissioner Sean Orleans.

Six men qualified for the tournament at the August event: Tag Team Champions A.J. Williams & Da’Marius Jones, “Night Train/Gorgeous/Great One” Gary Jackson, Television Champion Moondog Rover, Barackus, and J-Mal Swagg. Going on the notion that the losers of those qualifiers are out of the running, that excludes these men from the final two spots: LaMarcus Clinton, Chase King, Tony Kozina, Lynn Mephisto, Brian James, and Johnathon Zulu. That doesn’t mean one of the two resident commissioners (Jim Harris and Sean Orleans) won’t rule otherwise, but I guess we’ll find out on the night of the event.

SICW returns to East Carondelet on Saturday the 20th with “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware appearing. I only saw the tail end of the WWE Hall of Famer’s career, but he was one-half of High Energy with Owen Hart and he had one of the best brainbusters in wrestling (known as the Ghostbuster at the time).

The card itself is loaded with “Ironman” Ken Kasa getting his rematch against Heath Hatton with Travis Cook barred from the building; also, Red River Jack faces “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz on the heels of Jack costing Cruz his title shot at Hatton in August. Gary Jackson will face newcomer Mohamad Ali Vaez, Jake Dirden takes on Bull Bronson, and “The Man of Tomorrow” Daniel Eads faces a tough test in the form of veteran Flash Flanagan.

Saturday the 27th has SICW in Fairmont City as well as MMWA in Herculaneum. Nothing has been announced for SICW yet; MMWA has a battle royal for a Heavyweight Title shot later in the night, as well as defenses of the Jr. Heavyweight and T.V. Titles. I’m leaning toward SICW since it’s closer, but that’s just me…

Dynamo returns to Fenton on Saturday the 4th, then will be back in Glen Carbon on the 11th…but the 11th will be a crowded evening. MMWA has their monthly event at South Broadway that night and SICW has a card in Swansea to benefit the area fire department.

Wrapping up October, SICW is back in East Carondelet on the 18th with One Man Gang appearing (no word on the status of Akeem The African Dream for the event).

Wrestling fans live in a time period in which their hobby is more accessible than ever before. Whether it’s through the WWE Network (I forget how much it costs) or through other avenues, there’s no longer an excuse to restrict yourself to what’s on television. If the mainstream products aren’t to your liking for your own reasons, then give something else a try. Independent wrestling gives you a different perspective on the business and fans are a lot closer to the action…the possibility of first-hand interaction with the wrestlers and manager (just ask Travis Cook) is much greater. Speaking for myself, I just have a better time watching indy wrestling than I do watching WWE or TNA these days…all I recommend is that you give it a shot and see what you think.

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Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.


Pat’s Special Comment: More to Be Desired

By Patrick Brandmeyer

Now, as promised, a special comment about Saturday’s Dynamo Pro Wrestling event at the Sports Academy in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

Writing these commentaries isn’t always easy.  I’ve been accused of going easy on aspects of cards that probably deserved more criticism.  I’ve known some of the people in the local wrestling scene for a long time and, admittedly, biases do exist.  That being said…I didn’t think this was very good.

Pre-show notes:  For a little while, the only match announced on the Facebook event page was Ricky Cruz & Brandon Espinosa defending the Tag Team Titles against Shorty Biggs & Outtkast (since the Bum Rrush Brothers got a non-title win over Cruz & Espinosa in Eureka).  A few days later (presumably due to Espinosa not being available), it was changed to Ricky defending the Dynamo Pro Title against Shorty (another Eureka rematch, as Shorty defeated Ricky by DQ at that event).  A few more matches were posted, but the Facebook event page took down the Ricky-Shorty match for some reason…that match did still happen, though.  Other announced matches were Dirden-Kasa, Rando-Fantastic, Bite Club-Professionals, and Aarons vs. Paco vs. Gallagher.

The attendance was okay…but the crowd noise was really bad for most of the night.  Some matches got decent fan response, but people were deathly quiet for other portions of the night.  That’s been a problem for the Glen Carbon venue for a while; it’d be best for Dynamo Pro to search for a new Illinois venue.

The Bite Club (Rocket Mapache & Jackal) vs. The Professionals (Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby)(w/ Travis Cook):  “I’m A Travis Cook Guy” T-shirts now exist…may have to pick one up.  The Bite Club ended the Black Hand Warriors’ Tag Team Title reign so Travis sent his other tag team after them for some payback.  Would like to see more of Santel and McDarby; they’re an underrated tag team.  They seem to have found some middle ground on their ring attire with the jeans over the wrestling tights.  At any rate, Mapache got the pin on Santel after he and Jackal hit splashes off opposite turnbuckles at 8:07.

Steven Kennedy vs. Danny Adams:  The in-ring action was fine by itself, but the fans weren’t really invested in the match.  Kennedy pulled out a few old-school moves, including a Splash Mountain for a late near-fall.  Kennedy got the win with his old finisher, a running middle-turnbuckle moonsault, in 8:28.

Brandon Aarons vs. Paco Gonzalez vs. “The Alternative” Brandon Gallagher:  I’ve said a few times in the past that multi-way matches have jumped the shark for me.  Gallagher bided his time and let the other two fight it out.  Gallagher took advantage of the situation…Paco went up for the frog splash and Gallagher pushed him off the turnbuckles, then rolled up Aarons with a handful of tights at 5:22.

Mike Outlaw vs. Sir Isaac:  This was a matchup between two of Dynamo’s newest rookies.  I had only seen Isaac in the battle royal in July at Glen Carbon and this was his first singles bout.  Unfortunately, a match between two relatively unknown competitors didn’t amount to much emotional investment on the part of the fans.  Would like to see these guys against different opposition in the future, though.  Outlaw won by blocking Isaac’s sunset flip off the second rope in 6:05.

Executive Director Mark Bland called out Heavyweight/Tag Team Champion Ricky Cruz to set up the stipulations for the main event.  The no-disqualification stipulation made sense since Ricky got disqualified against Shorty in Eureka to save his title.  Bland stumbled over the announcement a bit, but he made Outtkast the special guest referee for the main event.  I’m not a big fan at all of stacking the deck.  What’s the payoff supposed to be…a match between Ricky Cruz and Mark Bland?  Who does that really help?

Dash Rando vs. Cavana Fantastic:  This stemmed from a match in June when Fantastic turned on Rando in a tag match against the Professionals.  The crowd was dead for this match as well…it was a funny guy who rarely wins and a funny guy who just resurfaced after a long sabbatical.  Cavana finally hit the superkick after a few tries and pinned Rando with feet on the ropes at 5:17.

Outtkast vs. Elvis Aliaga:  It was an uphill battle after the previous few segments, but this match was solid for what it was; each man escaped the other’s signature moves and Outtkast escaped a TCB (Falcon Arrow) attempt, getting the rollup pin in 6:23.

“Dirdey” Jake Dirden vs. “Ironman” Ken Kasa (w/ Travis Cook):  These two had some great battles in SICW over the Classic Title; I was looking forward to this one after it was announced.  It seemed like a condensed version of the matches they had in SICW.  Dirden’s Asiatic Spike is popular with the fans, but his variation of the move where he delivers a thumb strike to the throat and essentially throttles the opponent to the mat for the pin…not so much.  That ending seemed to fall flat with the fans (as did several things on this night)…Dirden got the win in 7:49.

The intermission was oddly timed as it didn’t happen in the middle, but toward the end after seven matches with two to go.

High Level Enterprise (Jack Gamble & Jon Webb) vs. The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David DeLorean)(w/ Travis Cook):  This stemmed from a World League Wrestling feud; Gamble had joined the BHWs in both WLW and Dynamo, but double-crossed them in WLW to rejoin his partner Webb and regain the WLW Tag Title.  Travis did some pre-match mic talk with Gamble.  My friends noted DeLorean’s resemblance to Kevin Steen both in looks and in some of his moveset.  They traded a lot of big moves in the home stretch; myself and my friends were wondering if it’d end on a rollup of some kind after all of that, but that wasn’t the case.  DeLorean pinned Gamble after a top-rope Air Raid Crash(!) in 13:27.

Heavyweight/Tag Team Champion “The King Of Chaos” Ricky Cruz vs. “The Don Mega” Shorty Biggs, no-DQ match for the Dynamo Pro Title, referee Outtkast:  Neither guy got much of a reaction when they came out, sadly.  Outtkast made a few early fast-counts for Shorty’s pin attempts before settling into a more standard cadence.  There were plenty of bells and whistles in this one…Outtkast tried to stop Ricky from using weapons on a few occasions (but it was no-DQ!).  There was a weird dissension tease when Shorty used Ricky’s brass knuckles against him and Outtkast was randomly occupied with something at the timekeeper’s table and didn’t count the pin fast enough.  Cruz finally brought in a chair and whacked Outtkast with it when he tried to stop him…at that point, who could really blame him?  Bland tried to get involved and was accidentally knocked off the apron by Shorty when Cruz sidestepped him.  Jay King took over the officiating as Outtkast was helped to the backstage area…Ricky stunned Shorty with the knucks and superkicked him for the pin at 11:52.

No local wrestling in my area next weekend, from the looks of things…I won’t mind a weekend off.  Hopefully Dynamo can rebound in the future…they’re next on my schedule as they’re back in Fenton on September 6th.

Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

Shorty Gets a Rematch Saturday

Dynamo Pro 8/23/14

By Ben Simon

Ricky Cruz meets Shorty Biggs at the Sports Academy in Glen Carbon on August 23 in Cruz’s sixth defense of the Dynamo Pro Championship.

The two met for the belt two weeks ago under the pavilion at Brookdale Farms at a benefit card.  Biggs was set to deliver a top rope leg drop onto “The King of Chaos” when Cruz’s partner, Brandon Espinosa, interfered in the match.

Biggs won the match, but the title can’t change on a disqualification.  Executive Director Mark Bland is expected to be at Dynamo Pro this Saturday; hopefully, he bans Espinosa from ringside.

Also on the card: Jake Dirden vs. Ken Kasa, Paco Gonzalez vs. Brandon Aarons vs. Brandon Gallagher in a three-way, Rocket Mapache & Jackal vs. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby, and Dash Rando vs. Cavana Fantastic.

Bell at 8.  For ticket information, visit

Pat’s Special Comment: Missing South Broadway…

Brandon Espinosa made it out of the SBAC's August offering with his Title.  Photo: Eleanor Harris
Brandon Espinosa made it out of the SBAC’s August offering with his Title. Photo: Eleanor Harris

By Patrick Brandmeyer

I feel like I have done the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance a disservice in recent months. After missing their April event due to bronchitis, the local wrestling schedule has been extremely full and I haven’t been to any South Broadway events. Fortunately, the magic of YouTube has allowed me to keep track of the goings-on…

I’m not a big fan of corrupt authority…my philosophy is that people go to independent wrestling events to see something DIFFERENT from what’s on television. That applies to extended talking segments as well. Tony Casta did add Jim Harris as Assistant Commissioner to keep Sean Orleans from abusing his power too much.

The table has already been set for the September event (which I SHOULD be able to attend); that event will feature the annual King of St. Louis Cable Tournament. Six men have qualified: Tag Team Champions A.J. Williams & Da’Marius Jones, TV Champion Moondog Rover, Gary Jackson, Barackus, and J-Mal Swagg. I imagine the field will be completed by Survivor Champion Dave Osborne and new Junior Heavyweight Champion Everett Connors, though Andrew Wilder could also be a candidate after his strong showing against Heavyweight Champ Brandon Espinosa.

The Tag Title match I had prognosticated last month came to pass as Williams & Jones defended against former champions LaMarcus Clinton & Chase King (who had never lost the titles in the ring). Both LMC and King had taken sabbaticals from wrestling and the titles just vanished from the MMWA picture; the titles were reactivated in April when Jackson Whitechapel & Sean Orleans defeated Jones & Jake Dempsey to become the new champions. Nice teamwork by both sides in this one.

The TV Title match had plenty of stipulations on top of being a championship bout; the winner qualified for King of STL Cable AND Mephisto had to eat dog food if he lost. Mephisto went a bit more aerial than usual in this one with a suicide dive and (missed) Lionsault. Gary Jackson stopped Mephisto from walking away from the stipulation, so it looks like that issue isn’t quite over.

Gary Jackson vs. Tony Kozina shaped up to be an old-school technical battle…and it was, despite Kevin Lee Davidson’s interference on a few occasions. My esteemed colleague Drew Abbenhaus said that he’d never seen a tapout from a figure-four reversal and I don’t think I had either.

There could be some trouble in Elitism paradise, judging by the battle royal. Jackson Whitechapel may be a bit tired of Sean Orleans forcing him to do the lion’s share of the work in their tag matches and then hogging the glory at the end. They had some communication near the start of the battle royal that led to Whitechapel attacking Orleans, then Orleans low-bridging Whitechapel out of the match…hmm. Tag partners King and LMC got former Survivor Champ Stevie K out of the match only to be dumped one right after the other by Osborne. Evan Gelistico hung back and let the other guys battle it out…rookie Laurence Johnson got J-Mal Swagg out, only for Gelistico to send him to the floor. Osborne took great pleasure in eliminating Orleans…then had a pretty good exchange with Gelistico before finally winning to retain his title. This was the first time in a few months that the former Battle Royal Title had been defended in a battle royal…so there you have it.

After Everett Connors pinned Ace Hawkins in last month’s gauntlet match, Hawkins claimed it was a fluke and Connors could never beat him in a straight one-on-one match. To be fair, Ace had been in the ladder match with Andrew Wilder earlier in the night and wasn’t in the best of shape. The rookie Connors has been working quite a bit around the area, appearing for Dynamo Pro as well as PWCS. The match built up pretty well and I wasn’t expecting a title change, but Connors finally hit the guillotine legdrop to score the huge upset! It sounds like Ace is taking a break from wrestling…going by the subtle hints of him throwing a tantrum and QUITTING after the loss.

The only match I didn’t see on YouTube was Barackus & J-Mal Swagg vs. Brian James & Johnathon Zulu…Swagg pinned Zulu for the win. The loss meant that last year’s King of STL Cable winner was out of the running for this year’s tourney…perhaps he’ll challenge for Espy’s title at the September event as I don’t think he’s had a one-on-one rematch since losing the title back to Espinosa. If I remember right, the tournament winner can get a shot at any title of his choosing whenever he wants…so if a member of the Elitism wins it, would that person challenge for Espinosa’s title or not?

Andrew Wilder had a good showing against Espinosa in the main event, but Orleans’ distraction cost him the match. Wilder is really good for his level of experience; it would probably do him some good to add a bit of bulk (he was announced at 149 lbs.) and get some tights/trunks instead of the baggy shorts.

At any rate, I should finally get back to the South Broadway Athletic Club in September…looking forward to it. I’m a big fan of wrestling tournaments so that’ll be a fun part of the event…

Look Out, Heath! Ricky Cruz Wants His Classic Title Back!

Ricky Cruz would love to add SICW's belt to his collection.
Ricky Cruz would love to add SICW’s belt to his collection.  Photo: Amanda Blase

By Ben Simon

Heath Hatton’s campaign as Classic Wrestling Champion begins with a difficult showdown against #1 contender Ricky Cruz.  It all goes down Saturday, August 16th at the East Carondelet Community Center.

This is the first time Heath Hatton and “The King of Chaos” Cruz have met for the title.

Cruz is swimming in leather; he recently won a new belt in Independence, Mo.  He now holds the Dynamo Pro, GWF, and Dynamo Pro Tag Team Titles.  If he beats Hatton, he will need an assistant.

The co-feature is a six-man tag pitting Gary Jackson, Jim Hoffarth, and Shorty Biggs against Waco, Flash Flanagan, and Bull Bronson.

Also on the card: Ken Kasa vs. Outtkast, Ax Allwardt vs. Red River Jack, Daniel Eads vs. Matt Cage, JJ Garrett vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez, and Joker vs. Mallaki Matthews.

“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, a main event wrestler from the first WrestleMania, will be in attendance.  The Professional Wrestling Hall of Famer will be available for autographs.

For advance tickets, call (618) 286-4848.

Pat’s Special Comment: Dynamo at the Farm

By Patrick Brandmeyer

Now, as promised, a special comment about Friday’s Dynamo Pro Wrestling at Brookdale Farms in Eureka, Missouri.

This would qualify as my longest drive to a wrestling event in several years (just under an hour)…I drove past Stratford Inn in Fenton on the way there. Used to go to Six Flags with the family and the kid in me REALLY wanted to drive past the amusement park, but the route didn’t go in that direction.

This was a fundraiser for the local football team, so the audience was almost all children. It was an outdoor event but the forecast called for the rain, so the ring was set up in a pavilion near the cornfield maze. It rained steadily for a good portion of the night but finally cleared up by the end of the event.

Your ring announcer was Jeff Vernetti (with Luke Roberts & Chris Roedel handling extra announcements), your timekeeper was Ben Simon, and your referees were Jay King and Patrick Hook.

Mike Outlaw vs. Paco Gonzalez: The card started with a battle between two of the newest wrestlers in the area. Outlaw gives out his bandanna to ringside fans before his matches; always a nice touch for a fan favorite. Fine matchup here; both guys have a lot of potential and I’ll be watching their careers with great interest. Outlaw missed the Macho Elbow and Paco got the win with the frog splash in 9:17.

Brandon Aarons vs. “Ironman” Ken Kasa (w/ Travis Cook): Think this was Kasa’s first Missouri match in a little while…hope this means I’ll be seeing more of him at area events. Now that he’s no longer SICW Classic Champion, his schedule may expand a little bit. Kasa missed the John Wu Dropkick and Aarons got the upset win with the close-range superkick in 8:23. Travis claimed it was an illegal kick to the throat…and the sun was in his eyes. Bwahahaha.

The Bite Club (Rocket Mapache & Jackal) vs. “The Alternative” Brandon Gallagher & El Sanchez: Don’t see El Sanchez too often in recent years…I will refrain from speculation regarding his identity. Mapache & Jackal are coming off a near-win of the Tag Team Title in Fenton…they eliminated The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David DeLorean) to end their title reign, but they were subsequently defeated by Dynamo Pro Champion Ricky Cruz & Brandon Espinosa. Mapache hit a Macho Elbow and Jackal followed up with a splash off the top to pin Gallagher in 10:44.

“Dirdey” Jake Dirden vs. Barackus: This was Barackus’ Dynamo debut in a battle of the big guys. Haven’t seen Dirden against larger opponents too often and I thought this played out well for what it was. Barackus has mostly fought smaller opponents as well (other than his recent series with Dave Osborne at MMWA), so it was a good test for both guys in that regard. Dirden powered out of Barackus’ clawhold and Barackus held out in the Asiatic Spike for a long time…he backed Dirden into the turnbuckles, but Dirden hung onto the hold and took him down. The referee finally called for the bell at 11:23 (!) as Barackus passed out in the hold.

Outtkast vs. Tag Team Champion Brandon Espinosa: With Cruz-Shorty as the only announced match for the night, it made sense for their tag partners to do battle.  Espinosa has bulked up in recent months and Outtkast had trouble picking him up for his trademark Spineshank (running over-the-shoulder backbreaker). Outtkast had his issues with Ricky for a while there, so Ricky got personally involved to ensure Espinosa’s victory. Distraction, pull of the tights on the finishing rollup, AND extra leverage provided by the outside party… (in 8:07). Notably, that was the disappointing result of the night for the fans.

Dynamo Pro & Tag Team Champion “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz vs. “The Don Mega” Shorty Biggs for the Title: Had been interested in this singles match since their brief encounter in the four-way tag match. Shorty was way over with the younger crowd and Ricky stalled a lot…heh.  Shorty went to the top rope for a potential Def Jam (top-rope legdrop) and Espinosa ran in for the DQ at 12:35. Outtkast came back out for the save and they set up an impromptu (non-title) tag match…

Tag Team Champions Ricky Cruz (Dynamo Pro Champion) & Brandon Espinosa vs. The Bum Rush Brothers (Shorty Biggs & Outtkast), non-title: The match started with some comedy… I’m not sure if I should explain that but I will. Shorty smeared a booger on one of the turnbuckles and each guy tried to rub the other’s face into said turnbuckle (treating the evasions like it was an exposed turnbuckle or something). It finally paid off when Shorty sidestepped a charging Ricky Cruz and Ricky ran face-first into that turnbuckle…bwahahaha. Outtkast pinned Espinosa after a Samoan Drop/flying boot combo with Shorty in 6:56, avenging his earlier loss…the Bum Rush Brothers won to close out the night. This could set up Shorty challenging for Ricky’s title again in the future as well as the BRBs going after the Tag Title once again.

Dynamo has had a very busy schedule this year with several new venues…they have an event in Glen Carbon in two weeks and then they’re back in Fenton two weeks after that. By coincidence, it’ll be the second year in a row that Dynamo has wrestling on my birthday…heh.

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More on this past weekend in indy rasslin in the next comment…stay tuned. Same Pat-time, same Pat-channel…or something.

Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

With Espy’s Gang in Charge, Good Luck Wilder!

MMWA 8/9/14

By Ben Simon

Brandon Espinosa and Andrew Wilder meet for the MMWA Heavyweight Championship this Saturday, August 9 at the South Broadway Athletic Club.

On a level playing field, Espinosa would be a slight favorite.  In this circumstance, Wilder doesn’t appear to have a snowball’s chance to win the title.

Things are different now.  The Elitism faction, headed by Sean Orleans, Tim Miller, and Brandon Espinosa, now has control over matchmaking at MMWA Wrestling.

“The Commissioner” position is held by the group.  The group can suspend, fine, reinstate, stipulate, and stack the deck against those opposed to The Elitism’s reign.

Also on the card, TV Champion Moondog Rover defends his title against Lynn Mephisto in a rematch from last month, MMWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Ace Hawkins vs. Everett Connors for the title, and Gary Jackson vs. Tony Kozina.

On another note, the South Broadway Athletic Club organization moved to its current home on August 4, 1914.  Happy 100th birthday to the SBAC. If you’re planning to sell a house since you plan to move into a new one and you need assistance in the marketing aspect, view website of evolve denver to meet their excellent property managers. You can reach about them when you want to know how does digital marketing works.

Bell at 8.  For advance tickets, call (314) 778-4833.